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Daily Archives: February 3, 2017

Day 20


We are twenty days into our 30 day, no sugar challenge, and let me tell you that it feels great to have stuck with the plan.  There have been a few slips along the way like the three restaurant meals we had while out of town for the weekend, or the night hot chocolate was served at a skating party; but for the most part I can say we have followed the “rules.”




Here are the top 5 Reasons eating whole has been good for our family:

  1.  The mood swings and energy levels have improved for all of us.  I am seeing better concentration levels in the kids and I’m not feeling so exhausted when the afternoon rolls around.
  2. The kids are not constantly asking for snacks.  I often have a tray of fruits or veggies out on the counter.  They walk by and munch as they please.  In the past I think the kids would have a sugar crash and feel tired and sluggish in the afternoon.  We would try and repair that feeling with snacks, like sweetened yogurt, crackers or muffins and cookies, which would lead to another sugar fix and then a crash.  
  3. Nobody is begging to go through a drive thru, every time I get behind the wheel of my car.  It’s true, I would often grab a coffee on my way to wherever and the kids would all pitch in their orders for a drink or snack.  Now I bring my coffee from home and no one is hounding me for a treat… it’s sweet relief mamas!
  4. My bank account is thanking me.  I’m not spending unnecessary dollars on treats and drinks, which quickly adds up to a regular expense.  We are also meal planning 90% of our meals, so left overs are being eaten and there is much less food waste at the end of a week, which means more dollars in my bank account.
  5. We are eating to fuel our bodies, rather than fill a void or satisfy a craving which also means my jeans are fitting better and the guilt of eating poorly is disappearing.

This is just the beginning for our family. I have been deeply touched by Jen Hatmaker’s book “7.”  The book is described, as a “call toward Christ-like simplicity and generosity that transcends a social experiment to become a radically better existence.”  Cutting back on treats and sugars this month has been a tipping point. It’s made us realize that cutting back is doable.  It has clued me in to the fact that we have and consume too much and we’re prepared to make a shift!  I keep telling the kids that this experiment is about to get RADICAL.  We’ll see how radical they feel next month as they figure out what 7 article of clothes they want to wear for an entire month!!!

As Jen wrote the book, some of her friends took part in certain aspects of the experiment.  We’d love to have company and accountability on this journey, and would welcome you and your family along for the ride!  Be blessed my friends.




(here is the link to 7, if you are looking for an excellent read and a challenge )