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Daily Archives: October 28, 2017

Our Biggest Calling

Dear Mom, is it, that somedays your job seems insignificant? Somedays do you question your journey? Do you wonder if any of it matters?  Let me tell you mama; it matters.  It all matters. You are significant and what you are doing; THIS IS SIGNIFICANT.

“The enemy wants to convince you to leave your assignment because it is insignificant.”  I recently heard such a statement and I took pause.  You see I had begun to believe the lie that the mundane tasks of motherhood weren’t as important as I had once believed.  I started to feel envious of those that were adventuring overseas, adopting another child, fostering and diving in to full-time ministry.

What I forgot was that I had been given an assignment to make disciples, just like my friends that were jetting off to foreign lands, gaining university degrees to serve the least of these, and opening their homes to orphans and widows. And then I heard someone say, “Plan to do something so big for God that without Him you would fail.”  I was feeling defeated, but I had lost my focus.

Being a mom; this is a big gig and this was what I had always wanted.  What I didn’t know, was how big this was going to be. I had prayed for blessing, for a miracle and now here I was in the pouring rain of “blessing,” but instead of dancing in the rain, I was running from it.  The enemy had tried to convince me that I was just a mom; that what I was doing wasn’t really making a difference. My patience was thin.  Most jobs around our house came with dread and frustration.

So my friends, if you are like me, feeling like maybe your call to motherhood is less than significant.  Let me tell you, that is a lie! We aren’t only parenting we are discipling, and we have been called, “for such a time as this.”  It is time for us to stop running from the rain and start dancing in it, so we can launch these little world changers off into the great unknown.  Heidi St. John says this, in her new Becoming MomStrong; “We need to surrender ourselves to what God wants us to do.  We need to be willing to do what He says is best, not what our flesh wants or what the world says we should do… My greatest accomplishment as a mom may not be something I do-but someone I raise.”

In her book, Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That’s in You for Your Family and Your Faith Heidi St. John says, “The journey we are on is designed to help us trust God in ways we don’t expect and can’t foresee.”  There are times on this journey where we will feel less than.  The pull is real. It’s not until we are in the moments of complete surrender deep in the trenches of motherhood, that we can see that “God’s purpose is good.” Perhaps our biggest calling is motherhood, and without the Lord I know I would fail at it most everyday.