Welcome Here


Hey!  I’m so glad we can connect in this space.  I’m a mom learning to love who I am and the stage of life we are in.  I lean heavily on the fullness of God’s grace as I homeschool our 4 kiddos. Over here in this space you will find me chatting about three things I am most excited about these days.  I will share our ongoing journey of parenting, parenting an adopted child and homeschooling our four.  I struggle most days to find balance between routine and structure and living spontaneously.  I’ll share about how our day to day life works.  It isn’t always easy.  In fact it never is.  I feel like I’m not fully equipped to be on the journey we are, but this is the life we chose, or did God choose us?  I’m not sure of any of it yet.

I do know that I have found comfort in other people’s story.  So here, I will venture to share our story.  Some everyday things and some out of the ordinary things so that you might find encouragement in the pages of our journey. Many of you have pushed me to be more than I ever thought I could be. From you I have learned to love God more recklessly than I thought possible and I have realized from you sharing your journey that everyday doesn’t have to be pretty, but the beauty comes when we are real, honest and sincere.  It is my goal to be all of that over here at A Bend In the Sycamore, so that we can all grow, learn and be challenged together.